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our toilet paper is made from 100% sustainable (♻️) bamboo. promise.

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let’s doo some good together
reasons why bamboo toilet paper is the way to roll:

100% compostable (🗑️)

Returns back to the earth as naturally as it arrived - 100% organic with no pesticides or fertilizers. Bamboo toilet paper breaks down naturally, reducing strain on wastewater treatment systems, sewage systems, and landfills.

sooper sustainable (♻️)

Bamboo absorbs 35% more CO₂ per hectare than equivalent plants and can grow up to 39 inches in just one day. That means that bamboo is ultrareplenishable.

save litres of water (💧)

It takes 2 litres of water to make one roll of bamboo toilet paper versus 140 gallons for a conventional roll. That’s 62x less water!

good for our forests (🌳)

Every tonne of bamboo toilet paper produced can save up to 30 trees, so it’s helping reduce deforestation (~15% of deforestation is due to toilet paper production).

naturally BPA free (🥽)

No dyes, or cancer-causing BPAs in our toilet paper. Because bamboo fibers are naturally soft and hypoallergenic, our toilet paper is anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and an exceptional choice for sensitive skin.

promote biodiversity (🌎)

Bamboo cultivation occurs in a more sustainable manner, which helps to protect the flora and fauna that rely on their habitats for survival. This contributes to the overall biodiversity and ecological balance of our planet.

“best toilet paper ever. i’ve tried so many brands but none are as soft as this one.”
Seth S.

our vision (👀)

We envision a world where lush forests are abundant and protected, flourishing in harmony with the planet. A world where brands balance virtue with profitability, and where elegant sophistication meets affordability.

our mission (🌎)

Our mission is to play a key role in the inspiring global shift towards a more sustainable future. We firmly believe that as the world embraces sustainability, everyday essentials should be a high priority on this transformative journey.

our passion (❤️‍🔥)

But our goal is not only to doo good. We have a deep passion for art and design and infuse elegance and sophistication with quality and sustainability.